How to Avoid the Most Common Ikea Assembly Mistakes

After purchasing your fantastic new Ikea furniture, it can be easy to jump right into assembling your furniture without checking your goods, planning, or reading the instructions! As Ikea delivery and assembly experts, we can assemble the furniture for you quickly and easily.

If you do decide to assemble your new Ikea goods yourself, we have the following tips:

Sort Each Item

We use a sorting tray to sort out each item of hardware. Although it is rare for an item to be missing, it is best to be sure before you start assembling. Keep all like items together.

Study the Instructions Carefully

After receiving your Ikea delivery in Sydney or other areas of Australia study the instructions. Ikea’s directions are easy to follow with practice. Instructions are all in picture format and so there will never be a language barrier.

The Components Should Fit Easily

If the components are not fitting together smoothly, you are most probably not assembling them in the correct way. Everything is designed to be fitted in one way only. Do not remove screws to ensure a fit – this means that items will not fit properly together.

Use the Correct Hardware

The Ikea instructions will advise you on which hardware to use to correctly assemble your new furniture. Be careful at this step – even though an item may fit, if it is not correct you can be left with an item that will not fit and you will need to start again.

Drawer Roller Hardware

Pay special attention when fitting drawer roller hard\ware. Two units will go inside the draw and two will go on the furniture. Look at the position of the roller. Refer to the diagram if you are unsure.

Take some time to read the instructions and select your correct hardware from the start of the job. A little preparation will ensure that you do not have to redo the assembly and start again. At Easy Flat Pack, we operate an Ikea delivery and assembly service. Contact us for more information today.

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