5 Tips to Make Your Flat Pack Assembly Easier

Easyflatpack is an IKEA shopper’s dream. With our service, you can do your Ikea shopping online. We organize delivery Australia wide. When assembling your flat pack furniture there are some things to keep in mind. Here are 5 tips to make your Ikea delivery assembly easier:

  1. Read the Instructions

Be sure you read the instructions carefully and understand them. Read them before you start assembling several times and make sure that the instructions are clear. If you are not sure, get a second opinion from a friend or family member.

  1. Check You Have All the Pieces.

Unpack the boxes and check that the flatpack contains everything it should before you start assembling your furniture. Contact us if there is anything missing from your Ikea delivery.

  1. Separate the Screws

Some of the screws in your package will be different but look very similar. Separate the screws so that all screws of the same type are together. Ensure that they are not mixed up! It is easy to use a screw that is not the correct size, which can make assembly much trickier!

  1. Have all the Correct Tools

For your Ikea delivery assembly, you will need:

  • AnAllan key set
  • A flat head screwdriver
  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • A hammer
  • Tape
  • Pliers
  • A Stanley knife
  • Possibly a drill
  1. Work systematically

While you assemble your flat pack furniture, work methodically and patiently. Ensure that you have no distractions.

We also provide an Ikea delivery and assembly service. This takes 100% of the effort out of furniture shopping! There is nothing to do but order online.

Even if you don’t have an IKEA near you, our IKEA delivery service will ensure you can enjoy Ikea’s quality products. With Ikea online shopping delivery, you can shop and organise delivery 24-7. Order your Ikea Shopping and Delivery online here today.

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